Grande karma all’Istituto Italiano di Londra il 31 marzo

Il prossimo 31 marzo (alle 18 ora UK, alle 19 ore italiane) il mio romanzo Grande karma (Bompiani) arriva a Londra all’Istituto Italiano di Cultura, presentato da Claudia Durastanti.

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Segue comunicato stampa.

“Carlo Coccioli: his travels to Mexico, Paris and Florence, his friends Curzio Malaparte and Jean Cocteau, the topics of homosexuality, alcoholism and animal rights.

Alessandro Raveggi in conversation with Claudia Durastanti talks about his latest book Grande Karma, Vite di Carlo Coccioli (Bompiani) dedicated to the life of one of the most unconventional and fascinating writers of the last century.

Carlo Coccioli has long been considered one of the most original and elusive Italian writers of the 1900s: he wrote in three different languages, Italian, French and Spanish; he was a partisan, animal rights champion and pioneer of the AA Alchoholics Anonymous in Italy. He was shortlisted for the Campiello literary prize but still, some of his books were not published in Italy for decades, such as, for instance Fabrizio Lupo, best-seller in France in the 50s but unknown in Italy in 1978, in which Coccioli openly tackles the issue of homosexuality.

Alessandro Raveggi tells the story of Coccioli’s life, he follows his travels, uses his words, his letters, his friends’ Malaparte and Cocteau’s books, seducing the reader in wanting to find out more.

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